10 Latest Tottenham Hotspur Computer Wallpapers


For Tottenham Hotspur fans, you have got many ways to show your love and support like modelling your look after your favorite player, buying sports memorabilia or using the team’s wallpapers on your computer, etc. Here we will show you a collection of 10 latest Hotspur wallpapers for you to use as a background or home screen for your computer.


Stadium in the spotlight! A big game is going on, with enthusiastic fans cheering and passionate players sweating on the pitch.


The words “COME ON YOU SPURS” are so bright under the dark background, showing the love and support from fans will never fade.


The team logo sits on the center of the wallpaper with the gray background of players hugging around.


The wallpaper has a dark blue background with stripes. The team logo is in the center with players’ names written on.


The wallpaper is the picture of the team. Players wear team kits standing powerfully.


The Spurs team logo sits on the center of the wallpaper. The margins of the logo shines bright.


Harry Kane reveals hideous faces with clenched fists, exuding blue light full of power.


The wallpaper mainly shows the oil portraits of 5 popular Spurs players. The team logo is in the top right corner with blue light shining.



The center of the Spurs stadium shines bright under lots of lights. The exciting game is about to start.