Son Heung Min Jersey


Son Heung-min is a South Korean football superstar who has also been one of Tottenham Hotspur’s most dependable players over the last years.

“Korea’s David Beckham,” “a genuine footballing superstar,” “unbelievable player” and “Tottenham legend”-these are just some ways newspapers all over the world have described the 30-year-old Tottenham Hotspur forward Son Heung-min.

He has made a lot of achievements in soccer career. Son has become the first Asian footballer ever to win the Premier League’s Golden Boot this year, and the second to receive the Puskas Award in 2020. Most recently, he became the only Asian to be nominated for the 2022 Ballon d’Or, the highest honor in football.

Son Heung Min Jersey-Tottenham Hotspur

Son’s success at Tottenham certainly seems to have lifted Korea’s interest in European football. Just last month, Tottenham visited Korea to play two friendlies. Son’s popularity was clear at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the day of the first friendly, where there seemed to be at least 1,000 Son shirts for every other Tottenham shirt. According to reports, Korea became Tottenham’s second-biggest e-commerce market at the start of July, only after the UK.

“I was very lucky to have bought Son’s 2021-22 season shirt before he won the Golden Boot last season,” said Choe Hyeon-hui, a Son fan for over ten years.

The Tottenham Hotspur’s white home kit has some interesting details. AIA is the main sponsor. The Spurs home jersey for the current season sports the club’s traditional color–white, exactly the same shade of pristine Lilywhite that it has been for the past 124 years. But unlike the previous jerseys, this does not feature any other accents color.

What is the most interesting is inside the collar, which will have the club’s first-ever logo. Inside the collar of the home kit will be a rooster badge resembling the original Tottenham rooster from 1921. The club also has an away kit, a black base combined with ‘Venom Green’ logos, filled with graphic print and a third kit, which is mainly Wild Berry that has white logos and black elements.

Son Heung-min wears the No.7 jerseys in all three kits with Tottenham.

Son Heung Min Jersey-South Korea

South Korea’s Son Heung-min, donning his No.7 shirt, is on the scoresheet, in the World Cup qualifying match between South Korea and Iran at Seoul World Cup Stadium on March 24, 2022.

The home shirt of his national team has combined red with a wavy gradient graphic on the front, largely inspired by the shape of the Korean flag. The jersey features a new, modernized white tiger crest. The white tiger is an iconic symbol. It’s a sacred creature believed to be a guardian animal in Korean mythology, and it symbolizes courage and power. The away kit makes a bold statement on and off the pitch with its striking white tiger print on the jersey and socks. The badge and Nike symbol, however, have a gold color.

Just like his club side, the forward wears No.7 for his national team.

As Korea’s biggest superstar, Son now gets the same treatment as the biggest K-pop stars. While there are a number of official Tottenham Hotspur supporters’ clubs in Korea, there are also Son-specific fan clubs with tens of thousands of members. Son Heung Min Jersey has even become so ubiquitous that it can be spotted at practically any sporting event in Korea, even if it’s not a football match.